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Pourquoi Tales

Bagi yang sedang mencari contoh Pourquoi Tales berikut beberapa contohnya,
Why Bunnies Have Soft, Cotton Tales

Long ago in a cotton field faraway there was a young bunny named Fluffy. She lived in a burrow next to an oak tree in New Jersey. She liked to go to the cotton field a lot. She sometimes stayed there all night to sleep!
One day while Fluffy was playing in the cotton field and all of a sudden she felt something on her bottom. It felt soft like a cotton ball! She looked back and saw a cotton plant on her bottom. She tugged and tugged and she finally got it off. But only the plant! The cotton ball was still on! 
She goes home to eat dinner and her parents see the cotton on Fluffy’s bottom. They asked her and she told them. She took her friend and family to the cotton field to get tails like Fluffy.
No longer can an owl catch rabbits' tails because they will have a mouth full of cotton, and they can just go back to the cotton field and get more.
And that is why bunnies have soft cotton tails.

How the Giraffe Got Its Spots

Many years ago a man named Scott was walking in the forest. He saw a giraffe that he called Sunny. He named him Sunny because he was bright. The giraffe was so bright the forest ranger ran into a tree. Then he put on his sunglasses. "We have to do something about this brightness!" he said to his men.
           Scott got so tired of seeing Sunny’s bright color he decided to get brown paint and paint Sunny with brown spots. He wanted to cool down his color so he can hide from animals. Sunny will no longer hurt Scott’s eyes.
           Now all the giraffes got in line to get painted, but he ran out of his paint.
There was only enough for two because they were so big. For each giraffe it took twenty spots, for both that would make 40 spots. From that day on that’s why giraffes have their spots.
semoga bermanfaat.

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